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Good advice for the Roommate-search

Living with a roommate is probably something different from anything you’ve ever done before. To help you with the situation, here are some tips for you:

Be realistic: Don’t expect that you roommate will be your best friend or companion from the beginning. No tight contact can kill even the best of friendship, so keep close contact and talk to eachother.

Chemistry: Be sure that your future roommate is a good match to your criteria and needs. It’s not nice to live with someone that you don’t agree with. Make sure to ask lots of questions and get everything sorted out before you move in together. Get together a couple of times, and get to know eachothers both good and bad sides. The more honest you are, the less unpleasant surprises will come to you.

Keep all lines of communication open. Talk about possible areas of conflict. Be prepared to compromise. If necessary, make a list of some basic ground rules on issues like: Music, smoking, eating habits and visits. This will reduse the risc for discussions and misunderstandings. If your roommate does something you don’t apporve of, be honest, also for yourself. Deal with the problem directly, small issues can grow if you don’t talk about it.

Know your rights: As a tenant you have the tight to:

Sleep and relax in your own room.

Read and study in your room without interruption

Free access to your room and your things according to the contract between yourselves.

Clean and good environments, but you should help to keep this good.

Have guests over without violating your roommate or disturb the environment.

Let your feelings known if someone violates your rights.

Respect eachother: Mutual respect is important and to respect eachothers wishes. Be honest and focused. Then you have every chance to have one of the best and most educational times of your life. Enjoy!