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Room close to Amagerbro Metro

kr. 4,000
Moving in: May 1
Period: Unlimited
Size: 15 m²
City: København

Room close to Amagerbro Metro

All information about the room

Hannovergade 11, 2300 København
kr. 4,000
kr. 12,000
Moving in:
May 1
Commuter room:
15 m²
Insertion date
10 days ago
Couples allowed:
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3 humans, 4 sugar gliders and a dog are looking for a new (human) roommate.

We, the terrifying landlords, are 30 and 39 years old. When we are home we are recharging for new adventures by reading, relaxing and cooking and when we are not home we try to live a semi nomadic lifestyle ; hiking, sailing.......traveling in general
We are expecting an additional nomad to join our family in the end of June. And before you start having nightmares about crying babies right next door, put your mind at ease, it will live in the other end of the apartment approximately 15m and 3 doors from your room :-)

The last person in our trio is a 25 year old Harry Potter fanatic who is both the most and least mature person in the house. Whilst she is the person who will come home drunk at 3am and try to cook an extravagantly garnished baked salmon in the oven as soundlessly as a roaming war-band of orcs she is also the person who will insist on a detailed cleaning plan and that the light-switches are cleaned all proper like, ship shape and Bristol fashioned. She is the keeper of a elderly refined lady, other people might think that Micha it is a dog, but what do they know.

Send us a message if you are interested in joining our small commune and maybe even periodically in sharing a glass of some pleasant liquid or a nice meal.

We are looking forward to hearing from you :-)

The 15-04-2021 is the date from where the room is available, we will wait for the right person so if you feel you would be right for this madhouse at a later date please write anyway .

The room has access to a kitchen and a bathroom w. shower.
Included is internet and access to the yard (gårdhave)
Heat + Water included
Electricity by meter
Lease is the standard lease issued by the Ministry of housing (Typeformular A, 9-01-06-2015).


Pets allowed
Washing machine
Cable tv

Roommate criteria

Preferred gender:
All are welcome
20 - 90
All are welcome
Party habits:
All are welcome
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