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Looking for a roomie to join me my dog and my other roomie Lucas
Rent: kr. 5,900
Moving in: Immediately
Period: 12-24 months
Size: 12 m² / 129 ft²
City: København

Looking for a roomie to join me my dog and my other roomie Lucas

All information about the room

C. F. Møllers Allé , København
kr. 5,900
kr. 22,200
Moving in:
Commuter room:
12-24 months
12 m² / 129 ft²
Insertion date
11 days ago
Couples allowed:
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Good day, my name is Toby, my dog goes by the name bacon.
I have been living in Denmark for the last 7 years, a time I have thoroughly enjoyed, I look forward to spending many more years here.
I have always been employed and pride myself on being on top of my finances and my life in general. I am a very respectful person and considering I have been living with roommates for almost half of my life I am a very good judge of character and respectful of an open or closed door.
I take pride in cleanliness and organisation and consider these 2 elements of my life to allow my mind to focus on more important things than where I put my keys or my phone charger..
I spend a lot of time in my day walking my dog, we take a long morning walk, a long afternoon walk and a shorter evening walk, averaging... 15km a day, this is my thinking time and some of my best life reflection comes at these times.
I currently work in a restaurant full time and spent the rest of my time at my studio where I am creating a webshop from the expansive storage of vintage clothing I have, alongside this I study online from England.. the wonders of our world. When I have the time in weekends I sift through loppemarkeds, reselling my bargains.

I consider myself to be an easy going person and I would hope the same from the one I will live with. I have found the best and most rewarding living situations I have been in where we had the ability to speak with one another, not on a set time and day but take the time to drink a coffee, tea or a beer and have a catch up. As you can see from the above text I am a busy guy and I will not spend every waking hour at the apartment but when I am home I enjoy to get to know the person I live with.

Now the part you have been waiting for. My dog, your potential new best friend.. He is a stereotypical small dog which means his personality can barely fit into his small frame. He is a real peoples person and a total flirt with the ladies. He spends the majority of time at home curled up on my bed, however he is always happy to see my roomies and greet them when they get home. I am very fortunate that I took the time when he was a puppy to train him properly, therefore he is not barking or howling away at all hours of the day.. unlike my current neighbors dog, something that I find drives me crazy.

Lucas is living in the other room and he is working full time as a chef, he is mad about food and working out. He is a super calm and easy going guy and I really enjoy the time we spend together, be it enjoying a beer, some food or just a chat for 5 minutes.


Pets allowed
Washing machine
Cable tv

Roommate criteria

Doesn't matter
25 - 35
Domestic animals:
Doesn't matter
Party habits:
Doesn't matter
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